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Friday, December 21, 2012


हर पल मेरी मुहब्बत का इम्तहान लेने वाले .....

मेरी नफरत में भी वही शिद्दत है ......

जो कभी मेरी मुहब्बत मे हुआ करती थी।।।।

Thursday, November 1, 2012


"sympathy is the worst thing which we can give to makes us great and stronger than 

 him/her and make him/her weaker...ultimately it 

 leads to inequality...i think encouragement is 

 better option.."      

Saturday, October 27, 2012

कोई बड़ी बात नहीं

सोच सोचकर बीती  बातें

कटने लगी हैं अब तो रातें।

अब तो नींद भी रुसवा  है हमसे,

आती सारी रात  नहीं।

मासूमियत की हद तो देखिए ; मुस्कुरा के कह दिया कि,

तुम्हें तो आदत ही है जागने की; कोई बड़ी बात नहीं।

Sunday, October 7, 2012

need a caption ...what would you say????


                                                      for enlarged view click on the photo

Friday, September 14, 2012

muhabbat hai tumse...................

                       मुहब्बत  हो तो एसी  हो ....

                      कि  कहना न पढ़ जाये मुहब्बत है तुमसे ................


Sunday, September 2, 2012

लग जाओ गले................

बेचैनी इधर भी है,

तो बेताब वो भी हैं।

नाराज़ हम भी हैं तो,

खफ़ा  वो भी हैं।

रहा  हमसे भी नहीं जाता उनके बिन तो,

तड़पन उधर भी है तन्हापन  की ।

चाहत है कि,

पिघला दो बर्फ नाराजगी की,

प्यार की गर्मी से।

खींच दो डोर को कि,

खुल जाये ये गांठ अहम की।

छा  जाने दो प्यार की रौशनी को,

कि हट जाये ये धुंध सी अब।

खिल उठने दो फिज़ाओ  को,

कि महक उठे ये समां  भी अब ।

तोड़ तो कशमकश के इस बांध को,

कि छलक  उठे प्यार ही प्यार अब।

लग जाओ गले मेरी बाँहों में  आके,

कि  ठहर सी गयी है ये जमी,

ठहर सा गया है ये आसमाँ  अब तक । 

Monday, August 20, 2012

बांवरा मन....

बांवरा मन उड़ चला है,
बेलगाम, हवा से करे बातें....
उठता कभी, गिरता कभी,
देखे न दिन और रातें ...
वक्त और बेवक्त,
क्या सही और क्या गलत,
कुछ भी न तो ये जाने..
हकीकत के मोतियों को,
ख्वाब में पिरोते हुए,
अपनी ही बस ये माने...
देखता है एक कोने में,
चुप चाप बैठा ये ह्रदय ..
धडकनों को लयबद्ध करता,
सुरीला और तन्मय...
पहले तोले फिर ये बोले,
ए बाँवरे तू क्यों उड़ रहा,
कुछ तो शर्म लाज कर..
जरा सोच के अपने पग तू धर ..
मेरी धडकनों की साज पर..
मेरी धडकनों की साज पर....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arrange Marriage

What is marriage?

Marriage is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically, and emotionally. This is the definition which I got when I gone through various literatures related to marriages. It seems quite diplomatic definition to me because adding a word emotion in the definition is not quite enough to describe the emotional description of marriage. 

Marriage is a phenomenon or I would say it’s a kind of process by which two individuals share every aspect of their lives with each other. The two individuals who take part in this process, in this institution, are often of opposite sex (male and female). It is understood that after marriage both the individual live their whole lives with the support of each other happily and satisfactorily. The extent to which the purpose is fulfilled, defines the extent of the success of the marriage. This is the most basic perspective of marriage for me. However different social and other ailments are there which has contaminated this beautiful description of marriage in various ways. 

Love v/s Arrange marriage

Now on the basis of the social glance often marriages are of two kinds.
Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage. If we try to find we can get various points which can distinguish both the kind of marriage but according to my views the most appreciable point is
In Love Marriage both the individuals know each other before marriage also love each other and wanted to live with each other whole life means wants to marry each other.
In case of arrange marriage the part of above point after marriage is applicable but before marriage is distinctive. Here in this case love started after marriage. 

About Love
Now love is here key factor. Love is actually the bond, the kind of connection or scientifically the factor which is necessary to prove the equation of marriage. Means to fulfill the perspective of marriage it is necessary to have love between both the individuals.

Love if we type in the search tab of Google, we can get various kinds of definitions and descriptions but in my views it is quite impossible to truly define love.
According to me love is a kind of complete set of feelings it contain all kind of feelings not only single one it consists affection, attraction, devotion, possessiveness, jealous, hate everything; and here is the specialty of love is that all the feelings are balanced in such a way that it gives a pleasant feel and make our mind our feeling to be with the person we love

Arrange Marriage

Now about arrange marriage most of the parts in India it is very common mode of marriage. In this, mostly parents search the other half for their son by consulting with relatives along with match making of kundalis an all that, and it becomes a complex process. Many other condition and clauses are also added for marriage like cast, gotra etc. it’s a traditional way of marriage in India.

Love Marriage

In this the individual themselves elect and decide their better halves and then it is consulted with parents. Both the ways are simple but there is a lot of problems associated with love marriage.

 Problems with love marriage

The first one problem is that it is resisted by most of the parents especially kind of orthodox parents, because in love marriage as individuals themselves select their partner which is quite contrary to arrange marriage than it become against tradition and for parents it become a matter of status among their society.
 In love cast gotra and all the clause and conditions are not considered so love marriage also affects the cast system and all ancient laws hence it is not appreciated by the middle aged peoples and parents.
Also it is a prejudice that love marriages does not run for lifelong.

But here I am with love marriage         

First of all now life style has been very different from ancient times. Now any individual after crossing 18 have authority to elect their government he is understood to able to give vote and own its property so why not in case of marriage.  Why he is not able to elect his or her life partner.
Second thing today in India castism is the major obstruction is the development of country. Love marriage can play a key role to eradicate the castism as in love marriage the casts doesn’t matter.  By thus our next generation will become free of any cast divisions and India will develop in actual.
Third one the prejudice is that most of cases love marriage doesn’t run for lifelong but it’s an illusion. Nothing is perfect sometime the arrange marriage also leads to court for divorce. In my views the success of the marriage depends on the nature and understanding between the individuals than the way of marriage.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Give a Caption to it ........

                                              For Enlarged View Click On Middle Of Photo

Thursday, August 2, 2012

ये तन्हाई ....

ये तन्हाई ....

अकेले देख के मुझको ,

चली आती है सताने..

सांथ में लेके  यादो को ,

दुःख  में सांथ देने चली आती है ...

ये तन्हाई ...

रंग, ख़ुशी, खुशबु,

सबके मायने बदल देती है..

वक्त से ये बेखबर,

वक्त बेवक्त आकर,

मुझे मेरे होने का एहसास करा देती है..

मनो कह रही हो मुझसे,

पगले तू क्यों दीवाना है...

दुनिया से इक दिन सबको तनहा करके,

तुझको तनहा ही तो जाना है ..

ये तन्हाई ........

Saturday, July 21, 2012

ये नमी

भीगी हुई  ये जमीं,

बहती हुई ये सर्द हवाएं .....

कह रही हैं कि बरसे हैं बदरा अभी अभी,

कि रोया है ये आसमां   अभी अभी...
उमड़ घुमड़ कर अठखेलियाँ करते बादलों को खोकर,

नम हैं ये हवाएं, नम है ये मौसम.....

नम है ये ऑंखें भी आज,

अधूरेपन का एहसास दिल में लिए,

मनभावन फुहारों  के बीच तेरी यदों को लिए.......

नमी आँखों की हो या मौसम की,

राज़-ए-दर्द बयां कर देती है ...

Saturday, July 14, 2012



बेजुबां   होकर भी कितना  कुछ  कह जाती है... 

अनेकों रंग  हैं इसके भी ,

कभी नाराजगी  जता  जाती है ये,

तो कभी दिल में  मच  रही  हलचल  का  द्योतक है ..

कभी दिल के चैन का  जरुरत ये बनती है ,

तो कभी  बेचैनी और और  बेताबी  का  सबब ये है .

तूफान के आने से पहले भी ये है ,

तूफां के चले जाने के बाद भी ये ही है .

ध्यान में  भी ये है ,

तो शमशान में भी ये ही है .

यूँ  तो है ये ,

एकदम शांत, शुन्य और  मौन .

पर खास-ए -ख़ामोशी तो देखिये,

ये  सन्नाटा और मौन ही काफी है,

राज़-ए-ख़ामोशी बयां  करने को.

ये  ख़ामोशी ......

Monday, July 9, 2012


समझने - समझाने से  जो कुछ  होता  ग़र ,                                                 

                                        तो इन्सान  गलतियाँ ही न करता.....

ये तो ठोकरें हैं  पग - पग  पर ,                                                 

                                           जो चलना  सिखातीं  हैं......

Friday, July 6, 2012

ढूंढता हूँ खुद में खुद को....

ढूंढता हूँ खुद  में  खुद को,

खोया सा हूँ न जाने कहाँ ...

खुद ही उत्सुक नयी आकाँक्षाओं को लिए ,

खुद ही बेबस  अपनी अकर्मण्यता  से ..........

रेत के खुबसूरत महल की भांति,

मगर पवन वेग न सह पाए ...........

बांस सा सशक्त मगर खोखला ...

अंधेरो में आँखें  मूदकर  चलता हुआ सा ,

उमीदों के भंवर में डूबता हुआ  सा ...

अम्बर से अनंत में,

शून्य से मौन में ..

समुद्र की भांति गहन ,

काली  घनघोर घटाओ  सा  अंधकारमय ..

जैसे  पानी से लिखी किताब के  पन्नो को पढता हुआ ...

ढूंढता हूँ खुद  में  खुद को....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ख्वाब...एक अजीब कशमकश

एक अजीब  कशमकश है ये ख्वाब भी....

एक उम्मीद की किरण से,

आने वाले  पल को कल्पित करते..

 आगाज और  अंजाम  के बीच जद्दोजहद करते हुए..

रोशनी की अभिलाषा  लिये ,

अंधेरो के  डर के साँथ..

टूटे ग़र ये  तो तोड़ के  रख दें....

हकीकत की दुनिया में पल बढ़कर,

एक  काल्पनिक दुनिया में रखते  हैं....

उन्मादित, प्रफ्फुलित, आनंदमय और आशान्वित करते हुए,

आंखिर में हकीकत का एहसास भी करा जाते हैं .....
ये ख्वाब.....

Friday, June 29, 2012

KHWAB..Ek ajeeb kashmkash

Ek ajeeb kashmkash  hn y khwab bhi,
Ek ummeed ki kiran se,
Ane wal pal ko kalpit karti….
Aagaaj aur anjam ke bech jaddojahad krte hue……..
Roshani ki abhilasha liye,
Andhero k dar k santh …….
Tute gar y to tod k rakh de….
Haquiqat ki duniya m pal badhkar,
 ek kalpnik duniya m rakhti hn…
unmadit , prafullit ,anandmay  aur ashanvit karte hue,
ankhir m haquiqat ka ehsas bi kra jate hn..
y khwab…

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ye duriyan.....

Pal  pal mujhe tadpati hn y duriyan,

Jaise suraj ki tapan se jhulas rhi ho y dhara,

Barkha ki ek bund ko taras rahi ho y dhara,

Jaise registan m fasa ek pyasa,

Ya jaise samundar m methe pani ki ho talash,

Jisk pura hone ki ho umeed esa ek khwab,

Jaise kanto k bech m sukh raha ek gulab,

Jaise pathreli ho y jamen aur nagn panv halna ho,

Jaise kat diye ho pankh aur fir bhi udna ho…………….

Har sans aati h teri yadon se nam hokar,

pal pal mer jism ko tod jati hn y duriyan……………

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They way we met......

I was waiting for the bus at Garrur bus station. I was going back to college after winter vacation. It was 24 jan 2010. I was waiting for the bus familiar to us as ALMORA- SRINAGAR. It was only direct bus service from Alomar to Srinagar and Garrur was a station between Almora and Srinagar where I was waiting for the bus. It was a usual winter morning. The bus was not quite often regular but most of the time it was. That day the bus was coming, I got the information about that from my room partner ganesh. He was also coming in the same bus from Almora his home town. It was a quite long and tedious journey from Alomar to Srinagar and even from Garrur too.
  I was waiting at bus station from 15 minutes, as I did a phone call to Ganesh to trace his exact location so that I can predict the time which I had to spend at the station more till the arrival of bus.
  At 8:45am ultimately the bus arrived at station, and stopped at station. I took a glance of the interior of the bus in search of a seat to occupy. My eyes stuck at the seat next to conductor seat, as a girl was in that seat. I was wondering that: kash usk bagal m koi n baitha ho, so that I could sit beside her. As the seat beside her was unoccupied but I was not sure that it was, because it might be possible that the passenger belongs to that seat went outside for snacks or toilet etc. Then I met to Ganesh. After a friendly hi - hello he suggest me to sit beside conductor, as the seat beside Ganesh was not vacant. But I was thinking to sit with the girl.
 Ultimately I could not gather the courage to ask the girl that is there anyone sitting beside her, and I sat beside the conductor seat one seat next to the girl’s seat. But my mind was in dynamic state and it was forcing me to sit beside her, though till the time I was not sure that she was alone in whole seat. Finally I made a compromise with my thoughts which were originating from my mind that, within 10 min the bus would start and if till the time the seat beside her would remain vacant I would sit on the seat.
  After 10 minutes the bus started. I saw behind the seat was still vacant, but again my hesitation did not allow me to go to that seat. The bus got speed and the fight of thoughts in my mind was at extreme. I should go, I should not, what she would think, she wants me to sit beside her, all these thoughts made my mind like a battlefield.
  After a run of almost 1 km the bus stopped for fuel in a fuel pump. Generally we say it a petrol pump however it serves diesel along with petrol.  Then suddenly I stand up and started to see all around the bus. Actually this action was result of my desire and my hesitation. Actually I stand up, to sit with the girl but I started to see here and there due to hesitation. It was a totally confused state.
  Finally hesitation overcame desire and I was about to sit in my seat but something from my inside pushed me, I don’t know how, I found myself in front of the girl.
Huh finally I had no other option than to ask her: yha p koi baitha h?(is anybody here)  And I asked, though I knew that no one was there. She waved her head for negative response and I sat beside her.
 Yeah ………..mission successful. I was really very happy for that, and thanked to the power which pushed me in front of her seat.
It was not first time when I was sitting beside a girl in any journey, differences was that it would be the longest journey of mine with a girl, and the special thing was that it was a result of my efforts means I had done deliberate efforts to sit beside her, while in other cases it was not so.
I was assured after seeing the girl that she would be student of any professional course in my college. She was a girl having appreciable height, about 5feet 8 inch, fair complexion, wearing blue jeans n brown hood.  Hairs were well clipped up, and after seeing her face I could tell that she had used cold cream or petroleum jelly as make up. So on behalf of all above observations I concluded that she was a type 2 category girl.
    Generally we (boys) divide girls in three categories. Type 1 category girls are those girls which we think above from our standard, means we think it would be quite difficult for us to impress those girls such type of girls we often does not consider as a girlfriend . Type 2 category girls are those girls who we think are of our standard, those girls whom we think that, would impress after a little effort. We usually say after seeing type 2 category girls that : shadi krne layak h,(perfect marriage material) and type 3 category girls are those who can’t cross threshold limit of our emotions for themselves our prime reflex for such girls: chor na bekar h(Leave it).
So now I was desperate to talk with her, but it seems quite difficult task for me. I was listening music through ear phone connected to my NOKIA 7210 SUPERNOVA my new cell phone. It was my first multimedia cell phone having memory card facility. Apart it the only thing in my mind was that how to initiate the conversation. So I was observing her continuously.  She also had her ears busy in listening music with her SAMSUNG cell phone. As I was observing continuously, she was not getting frequent phone calls it means that the possibility of having boy friend was less. Actually it was a nice n pleasant feel which I was feeling by sitting with her….such a feel was never felt by me before.
Activity of my brain was at peek. Different things came in my mind and on the basis of them I was analyzing the girl.  When I got failed in finding any way by which I could communicate then I thought that I will invite her for breakfast at next stop Gwaldom where bus used to stop for breakfast of passengers for half an hour. Whatever would she do, either accept or reject no matter, the main thing was that after that I could talk her, means could initiate conversation. Actually it was not a big deal to talk with a girl but it needs what is called guts and actually I had lack of guts. So it is easily understood from this what kind of guy I was….like a shy. I was a student of bachelor of pharmacy that time and was in 3rd year.
So finally the bus reached at stop and I stood up and gathered courage inside myself to talk her that lets go for breakfast. But my courage could not cross the threshold and ultimately I failed and went out from the bus alone.  After half an hour the bus was again in track n again my mental condition was same as earlier.
Actually I was not that much shy, I thought that if I would start the conversation then she would  came to know that I am interested in her actually in such situations often the girls reaction is:chep ho ra h (sticking) and I did not want to prove myself chep. It was another thing that I was really interested in her but I was waiting for the moment she would give me a chance to talk.
As we remain quite since a long then I came to conclusion that she would not start, now the next task for me was to find whether she was thinking the same as I was, that she is also interested in me and wants me to start.
 Now we both had kept our ears busy with ear pieces of our respective ear phones and my eyes were tangentially on her. Suddenly she remove ear phone and kept the phone in hands free mode and now I can hear the song playing in her cell phone. It was a latest Bollywood number “ajeeb ittaafak h kya mulakat h”. The lyrics of the song were matching to the situation in which we were. I don’t know it was deliberately played or was merely a coincidence, but at that time I was thinking that it is deliberate and she is interested too. It was not sure what I was thinking was right actually what we think about anyone totally depends on our thinking as per my mind set I was interested in her what I was observing about her was influencing from same mentality and ultimate conclusion was coming in my favor.
Whatever it would be, it was sure that if she would not start conversation I also would not speak a single word no matter what I was thinking in my mind and heart. But still I was trying to do something from my side to start same and thought that I would ask her for lunch at the time when bus would stop for lunch. So finally at 11.30 the bus stopped in front of a small dhaba for lunch and again I stood up with intensive intention to ask her but again anything did not happen which can feel me proud. I m unable to define the mental condition of mine at that time ultimately I found myself with my friend Ganesh both were inside dhaba taking lunch.
So now again physically we were in same situation sharing a couple of seat in bus beside each other, bus again got speed but this time one thing was different from earlier that was my intentions. Now I had lost all hopes to talk with her but I don’t know why I was satisfied enough by being beside her means it was such a feeling which was giving a kind of pleasure, a divine pleasure. I was alone but was not bored, I had nothing special to be happy but still I was happy like a hell as I had every reason to be  happy, maybe it was so because I was living in a imaginary world created by me, whatever it was, ultimately was delightful  for me.
But still my senses were trying to concentrate on her although I was not eager to talk with her but still something inside me was provoking me for this. I was concentrating on her face watching her expressions; she was listening music with earpieces and I was so much concentrated on her that I was hearing the sound of lyrics of the song through her ear pieces. She was listening the Hindi number “sajni pas bulao na”. Now everything was quite calm like a pleasant breeze, my feelings my emotions were giving me a sweet pleasure making me alive in an imaginary world, bus was on the track with almost uniform velocity an also time was also running with his speed.
It was 3.30 pm means I had spent almost seven hrs with her in the bus and the situation remain same my feelings raised exponentially, gained peak value, and then became steady. At a time I was in steady state of my feelings.
Suddenly she tapped my arm, I think it was an illusion of mine and for confirmation I saw on her face it was real she asked me how far is karnprayag (the next station).
I said it is seven kilometers from here it would take about 20 min to reach there..
It was what I was waiting since 7 hrs a chance to talk her; as usual I should have happy for that but I was disappointed a little because I got it too late now I had only 2 hours with her but now I want to live that 2 hours. So now it’s me
Is it your first time in this route?
She its not
So u r asking how much time it would take I thought it would be your first time.
No actually it’s my second time so I had not too much idea about that today it seems too long.
I don’t know what actually it was but it seems as a complaint to me that I should try it earlier so that it didn’t seems too much long.
So what u does there???
Mba 1st year and you?
B pharm I replied
1st year she asked
No 3rd yr (with a diplomatic smile)
So it could easily guessed that I was little young than my actual age in appearance….simply looks like bacha(kid) that’s why she said first year.
So now I was wondering about her age whether she is elder then me or not then I asked her in which u had passed your 12th class she replied with a little hesitation: hmmm in 2006
Wohoooo I was happy because I also had done in same year that means she was not elder then I, and in excitation I had told her same to show her that don’t think me kid….(however it was a probability yet).
Then my lips and tongue didn’t stop for a sec, my brain was thinking about what I had to say and lips and tongues were implementing those commands and was thanking to nature to provide such a coordination system.
Now I started to get her basic information, where you stay there in govt or private hostle?
In private hostel
Which one?
Shanti sadan.
One of my best friend shweta was also staying in the same hostel so now she became more interesting to me because I could easily approach to her through my friend. Now I was eager to know her name. you would not believe that I had never asked any girls name directly before. So first time in my life I was about to ask a girl’s name..was not too tough a simple sentence: so what’s your name?
Li’ll bit hesitating: divyanka
By the way cute name but long too.
So now we shared some family information like where u live, what’s your father do, about siblings and few funny but not important instances of life.
So 1 hr completed like only 5 minutes and everything I could ask I could tell I had done and an irritating silence occurs. My brain was again searching any idea to immune the antigenic silence which came between us. So got an idea I heard few hours earlier, through her ear piece that she was listening the song sajni pas bulao na so I said very innocently have you the same song?
she waved her head positievely and I said can u share the song with me through Bluetooth that time I was thanking to the person who had invented  Bluetooth frankly I had no knowledge who was the inventor but his invention was helping me.
So she happily agreed to send the song to me and said:  it’s nice song, so many friends had asked me about the song.
      But sorry divya (I would call divya instead of divyanaka however original one is much cute but it is only for the sake of convenience) how could I tell you that this song is already in my phone, it’s only an excuse to talk with u………….
     So the next one hour we talked much more about Srinagar how it is, how our teachers are, what is our schedule and so much things. So in last 2 hours we had completed our past and present, it didn’t feel that we were stranger since 2 hours back, now it was like we knew each other from few years.
     By the way we reach at srikot where my room was and I had to left there, it was 4 km back than Srinagar where her hostle was. So I had to leave first and time was now, but I didn’t want to leave her company.
    But it was very hard time for me when I said to conductor: bhaiya rokna.(please stop).
    So bye was a good time with you.. I said
    Yeah me too.
     When I was at gate of bus I turned back towards her she said final bye to me with cute expression by  making her head bent to a  slight angle along with pleasant stretch of lips results into a million dollar smile and waving her right hand.

     ooh god I had never got such a bye ever before so I was confused how to react any way I reacted by waving my hand with blushing expressions.
   And that was the way we met..and now we are together for ever………………………

Friday, March 30, 2012


The most precious thing which we can give to anyone is time……
In every case it’s necessary to give time for the thing if we want the thing productive, successful….let’s take any example like study..if we give time for studies definitely success would be there or anything like whatever job we do if we give time it will be productive in most of the cases………
Now let’s talk about relations…means a bond to surrounding peoples……… it may be of any kind…  it’s like a condition for a good relationship to provide time to the relation…let’s talk it in another way if we had no time for any relationship then it does not have any significant effect if we are not having the same….
Means situation will be same in both condition…
One-we have not time for any relation…..and another-we have not the same relation…..
In such circumstances the in my opinion the second situation would be better than first one…..
In terms of relationship…………LOVE….is the most precious, affectionable, and sensitive one……various type of definitions are given to it..Various stories are made in account of it, and many more things…
In case of LOVE also it fits that we should have time for love….now many have a problem that they are busy in study, career, profession etc..and could not give time to love…than what is a need to involve in it….if u can’t then leave it….
And most important thing if u really intended to give time for anything any relation any hobby anything … matter how busy you are if u really will automatically find the time for it by any means..
Because if there is a will there would also be way……….
Recently I saw a status update in facebook in this context…..
'Pyar krne k liye wakt ki jrurat nhi hoti'
kyuki pyar wakt se nhi kiya jata
"pyar to usse kiya jata hai jiske sath wakt gujarna h”
it seems a little bit senseless to me…what it means pyar wakt se nahi kiya jata..if we are loving anyone and we have no time for him/her then what it means what is the need of that love… such type of love we do with every one like I love humanity type….
So for smiley relationship or ofcourse LOVE….

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dhundta hu khud m khud ko

Dhundta hu khud m khud ko….
Khoya sa hu n jane kha
Khud hi utsuk nayi aakanshaon  ko  liye
Khud hi bebas apni akarmanyta se..
Ret k khubsurat mahal sa
Magar pawan weg n sah paye
Bans sa sasakt magar khokhala……..
Andhero m aankhe mudkar chalta hua sa..
Umeedon k bhawar m dubata hua sa..
Ambar sa anant h,  
Sunya sa maun h,
Samundra ki bhanti gahan,
Kali ghanghor ghatao sa andhkarmay…
Jaise pani se likhi hui kitab k panno ko padta hua…………….
Dhundta hu khud m khud ko…