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Friday, March 30, 2012


The most precious thing which we can give to anyone is time……
In every case it’s necessary to give time for the thing if we want the thing productive, successful….let’s take any example like study..if we give time for studies definitely success would be there or anything like whatever job we do if we give time it will be productive in most of the cases………
Now let’s talk about relations…means a bond to surrounding peoples……… it may be of any kind…  it’s like a condition for a good relationship to provide time to the relation…let’s talk it in another way if we had no time for any relationship then it does not have any significant effect if we are not having the same….
Means situation will be same in both condition…
One-we have not time for any relation…..and another-we have not the same relation…..
In such circumstances the in my opinion the second situation would be better than first one…..
In terms of relationship…………LOVE….is the most precious, affectionable, and sensitive one……various type of definitions are given to it..Various stories are made in account of it, and many more things…
In case of LOVE also it fits that we should have time for love….now many have a problem that they are busy in study, career, profession etc..and could not give time to love…than what is a need to involve in it….if u can’t then leave it….
And most important thing if u really intended to give time for anything any relation any hobby anything … matter how busy you are if u really will automatically find the time for it by any means..
Because if there is a will there would also be way……….
Recently I saw a status update in facebook in this context…..
'Pyar krne k liye wakt ki jrurat nhi hoti'
kyuki pyar wakt se nhi kiya jata
"pyar to usse kiya jata hai jiske sath wakt gujarna h”
it seems a little bit senseless to me…what it means pyar wakt se nahi kiya jata..if we are loving anyone and we have no time for him/her then what it means what is the need of that love… such type of love we do with every one like I love humanity type….
So for smiley relationship or ofcourse LOVE….

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