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Monday, August 20, 2012

बांवरा मन....

बांवरा मन उड़ चला है,
बेलगाम, हवा से करे बातें....
उठता कभी, गिरता कभी,
देखे न दिन और रातें ...
वक्त और बेवक्त,
क्या सही और क्या गलत,
कुछ भी न तो ये जाने..
हकीकत के मोतियों को,
ख्वाब में पिरोते हुए,
अपनी ही बस ये माने...
देखता है एक कोने में,
चुप चाप बैठा ये ह्रदय ..
धडकनों को लयबद्ध करता,
सुरीला और तन्मय...
पहले तोले फिर ये बोले,
ए बाँवरे तू क्यों उड़ रहा,
कुछ तो शर्म लाज कर..
जरा सोच के अपने पग तू धर ..
मेरी धडकनों की साज पर..
मेरी धडकनों की साज पर....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arrange Marriage

What is marriage?

Marriage is a social contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically, and emotionally. This is the definition which I got when I gone through various literatures related to marriages. It seems quite diplomatic definition to me because adding a word emotion in the definition is not quite enough to describe the emotional description of marriage. 

Marriage is a phenomenon or I would say it’s a kind of process by which two individuals share every aspect of their lives with each other. The two individuals who take part in this process, in this institution, are often of opposite sex (male and female). It is understood that after marriage both the individual live their whole lives with the support of each other happily and satisfactorily. The extent to which the purpose is fulfilled, defines the extent of the success of the marriage. This is the most basic perspective of marriage for me. However different social and other ailments are there which has contaminated this beautiful description of marriage in various ways. 

Love v/s Arrange marriage

Now on the basis of the social glance often marriages are of two kinds.
Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage. If we try to find we can get various points which can distinguish both the kind of marriage but according to my views the most appreciable point is
In Love Marriage both the individuals know each other before marriage also love each other and wanted to live with each other whole life means wants to marry each other.
In case of arrange marriage the part of above point after marriage is applicable but before marriage is distinctive. Here in this case love started after marriage. 

About Love
Now love is here key factor. Love is actually the bond, the kind of connection or scientifically the factor which is necessary to prove the equation of marriage. Means to fulfill the perspective of marriage it is necessary to have love between both the individuals.

Love if we type in the search tab of Google, we can get various kinds of definitions and descriptions but in my views it is quite impossible to truly define love.
According to me love is a kind of complete set of feelings it contain all kind of feelings not only single one it consists affection, attraction, devotion, possessiveness, jealous, hate everything; and here is the specialty of love is that all the feelings are balanced in such a way that it gives a pleasant feel and make our mind our feeling to be with the person we love

Arrange Marriage

Now about arrange marriage most of the parts in India it is very common mode of marriage. In this, mostly parents search the other half for their son by consulting with relatives along with match making of kundalis an all that, and it becomes a complex process. Many other condition and clauses are also added for marriage like cast, gotra etc. it’s a traditional way of marriage in India.

Love Marriage

In this the individual themselves elect and decide their better halves and then it is consulted with parents. Both the ways are simple but there is a lot of problems associated with love marriage.

 Problems with love marriage

The first one problem is that it is resisted by most of the parents especially kind of orthodox parents, because in love marriage as individuals themselves select their partner which is quite contrary to arrange marriage than it become against tradition and for parents it become a matter of status among their society.
 In love cast gotra and all the clause and conditions are not considered so love marriage also affects the cast system and all ancient laws hence it is not appreciated by the middle aged peoples and parents.
Also it is a prejudice that love marriages does not run for lifelong.

But here I am with love marriage         

First of all now life style has been very different from ancient times. Now any individual after crossing 18 have authority to elect their government he is understood to able to give vote and own its property so why not in case of marriage.  Why he is not able to elect his or her life partner.
Second thing today in India castism is the major obstruction is the development of country. Love marriage can play a key role to eradicate the castism as in love marriage the casts doesn’t matter.  By thus our next generation will become free of any cast divisions and India will develop in actual.
Third one the prejudice is that most of cases love marriage doesn’t run for lifelong but it’s an illusion. Nothing is perfect sometime the arrange marriage also leads to court for divorce. In my views the success of the marriage depends on the nature and understanding between the individuals than the way of marriage.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Give a Caption to it ........

                                              For Enlarged View Click On Middle Of Photo

Thursday, August 2, 2012

ये तन्हाई ....

ये तन्हाई ....

अकेले देख के मुझको ,

चली आती है सताने..

सांथ में लेके  यादो को ,

दुःख  में सांथ देने चली आती है ...

ये तन्हाई ...

रंग, ख़ुशी, खुशबु,

सबके मायने बदल देती है..

वक्त से ये बेखबर,

वक्त बेवक्त आकर,

मुझे मेरे होने का एहसास करा देती है..

मनो कह रही हो मुझसे,

पगले तू क्यों दीवाना है...

दुनिया से इक दिन सबको तनहा करके,

तुझको तनहा ही तो जाना है ..

ये तन्हाई ........